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Dr.Web 12 Portable Scanner v4 Revision 16.05.2021

Dr.Web 12 Portable Scanner v4 Revision 16.05.2021

Dr.Web Portable Scanner Full Version 16 Free Download

Dr.Web 12 Portable Scanner is designed to detect and treat malicious objects. The scanner cleans the computer from: mail and network worms, rootkits, file viruses, Trojans, stealth viruses, polymorphic viruses, disembodied viruses, macro viruses, viruses that infect MS Office documents, script viruses, spyware, programs – password hijackers, keyloggers, paid dialing programs, adware, potentially dangerous software, hacking utilities, hatch programs, joke programs, malicious scripts and other malicious objects.

Dr.Web Portable Scanner differs favorably from other similar programs by increased virus resistance and the ability to work immediately on a virus-infected machine with a high probability of healing the system. Moreover, the scanner can be run without installation in the system, directly from any external media (CD or USB drive). You can quickly scan any computer and, if malicious objects are found, cure it.

Quick check. In this mode, the following objects are scanned:
– Random access memory
– Boot sectors of all disks
– Autostart objects
– The root directory of the boot disk
– The root directory of the Windows installation disc
– Windows system directory
– My Documents folder
– Temporary system catalog
– Temporary user directory

Full check. This mode scans all hard drives and removable media (including boot sectors).
Custom. This mode allows you to select any folders and files for later scanning. If you select this mode, the file system will be presented as a hierarchical tree in the center of the Scan tab. If necessary, you can expand it to directories of any level and the files in them.

Features of Dr.Web 12 Portable Scanner Full

  • Does not require installation
  • Runs from anywhere
  •  Updated in 1 click
  • All components are updated (database, scanner, kernel, language file)
  • Fast download of updates
  • Infinite key
  • The key is not checked (assembly works with any not expired key)
  • Updates come from the official Dr.Web mirrors
  • Lack of advertising

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7/8/10Processor Pentium IV or higherMemory 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)Storage 200 MB or more

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